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    Unparalleled Heat-up Speed and Thermal Consistency

    The Greentechâ„¢ Induction Hot Plate is a freestanding, stainless steel design intended for back-of-the-house applications in commercial kitchens and restaurants. An automatic shut-off feature, Integral cooling fan, and self-diagnosing microprocessor allow for a safe kitchen envirnonment. Precise control with 0-10 power settings provides efficient heating of any induction - compatible stock pot.*


    • *Models available in 4*2.5 & 3*2.5 feet tawa sizes
    • *Freestanding design with stainless steel housing
    • *High-Quality internal electronics and heavy guage litz wire
    • *LED bar graph display
    • *Easy-to-use rotary knob with 0-9 power settings
    • *Automatic shut-off feature prohibits over heating
    • *Integral grease filter and air baffle ensure air intake is cleaner and cooler
    • *Microprocessor monitors viral components to check for overheating, power supply issues, and more
    • *Integral fan keeps internal components cool
    • *Includes power cord (6ft.nominol)
    • *One-year field service warranty - INDIA
    • *In-Built Temparature Controller


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